FSE Blog

This is a blog operated by @p (temporarily at @p@fsebugoutzone.org; more about that on the blog, though for now, my old posts are accessible at the bugout zone), the BOFH (and former admin) of FSE and the BOFH of bugout zone. I am currently hacking on Revolver and FediList, and formerly hacking on CofeSpace (soon to be replaced by Revolver). You can see a lot of code at git.fse, with more to come as things are released.

My personal blog is largely technical, and I would very much like to keep politics away from that. I'd like to keep politics out of everything that I can, in fact, so most of the political stuff is going to be philosophical.

Running FSE has been an interesting experience and there is plenty to write about, time permitting. There is a post about freedom of speech, there are posts about various and sundry and more planned eventually. I have some fun stories, some useful information (dealing with scrapers and DDoS attempts, etc.), and some brief pieces about why I do the things I do that I would like to write (or finish writing) and put up here.

Additionally, typing the same five paragraphs at people that have a question or complaint about what I'm doing does get tiring; often the initial questions and objections are the same and putting these things onto the blog prevents me havnig to respond to the same things in the same way, so some of the entries are geared towards having a link to give people that ask something I have been asked. I think the rule of thumb is answering the same question maybe ten times: by the time I have been asked and answered questions on a topic, it seems unlikely that anything new will be asked or that I'll be able to refine my answer or have new thoughts on the topic.