FSE Blog

This is a blog operated by @p, the administrator for FSE, the main developer of CofeSpace. My personal blog is largely technical, and I would very much like to keep politics away from that. I'd like to keep politics out of everything that I can, in fact, so most of the political stuff is going to be philosophical.

Running FSE has been an interesting experience and there is plenty to write about. It has gotten me a lot of unexpected derision from unexpected places. Typing the same five paragraphs at people that have one complaint or another about what I'm doing does get tiring; often the initial objections are the same cookie-cutter stuff and I'd very much like to have a conversation about new things rather than respond to the same things in the same way.


I would like to eliminate Twitter, Facebook, and other centralized services. I would also like for the fediverse to be more decentralized. I have used Twister in the past but it has some problems. I am currently betting on the fediverse to be the thing that eliminates Twitter. I have been here for a couple of years and this has only reinforced my belief.

To that end, I am hosting instances for people. Single-user instances are free, subject to how much server space I can afford. You can donate to increase the server space using Liberapay, Bitcoin (1BZz3ndJUoWhEvm1BfW3FzceAjFqKTwqWV), or Ethereum (0x86AD2a56BA9ac2526C0B07F36423BbacCb5aD496).

I do not set policy or rules for these instances: they are yours. I just host them. Block everybody or nobody, ban everyone and have a perfectly silent instance if you like. Don't get me in legal trouble, don't intentionally break things, and don't try to break anyone else's server. You can read more in the initial announcement or at CofeSpace.com.