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Lucre: Gotta make that dollar. Various tasks; don't ask unless you're the one paying. Feel free to ask if you want to be the one paying. (This item represents about as many tasks as appear on this page.) Much to my surprise, people donated enough to Revolver that I have been able to do Revolver full-time for a while. I've picked up some contract work but will still be hacking on Revolver every spare minute. As of this week, I'm doing Revolver full-time again for a while. (Hopefully until it's shipped.)

Revolver: I'm hacking on this. Schedule slip dance party! CONTINUE DANCING UNTIL THE SOFTWARE IS RELEASED. [Kickoff announcement.] Prod tests still going nicely. Federation tests have commenced on a throwaway domain. Getting it to talk to PleromaFE is unlimited pain, but the network part is currently exceeding expectations. ON THE OTHER HAND, I AM A GODDAMN GENIUS AND IT IS NOW ABLE TO SHOW TIMELINES TO PLEROMA-FE! It is much easier to gauge progress with that kind of thing, like network/protocol/etc. stuff is always kinda vague and you might run into something stupid but with this it's like...the timeline works or does not work. But also IDs that are hashes are not sequential and this has caused some consternation to the frontend, the frontend hates this. No idea how to solve that, I'm going to probably hack on the protocol again, there's only so many JavaScript stack traces I can guess at the cause for before I'm kinda fried. I am the only person actually using it so this will probably not be representative of actual use, but—BUT!—TWKN loads in under 20ms...on the underpowered FranTech VM with 4GB RAM and the primary data store living on the spinny-disk slab storage. This takes about a second on FSE, on the extra-beefy box, with Postgres on an NVMe and 384GB RAM. All of FSE's media and emchichos are now served by Revolver.

Revolver Revolver Revolver: This was entirely too long.

Revolver DO THAT THING: Although a man's gotta eat, however that is covered for the time being.


Is Revolver Out Yet?: You can now just go and refresh this page instead of asking me, since "I MADE A STATUS PAGE" keeps getting ignored. Maybe there are too many words on this page. That page has one really large word on it and you can refresh that page and see if it changes to a different word.

Revolver question: Please just look here instead of asking me. I keep getting messages and DMs where people are asking me "Is it going to do $x?" or "When will it be done?" I appreciate the enthusiasm, but please just look here.
If I don't update this page, then I can't tell people to check here instead of asking me. I should update this page more.
I've now updated this on two consecutive days, so I'm gonna start just sending people here again.

I'm busy: Done told you. Done told all of you. I made a bot that shows you whether I am busy or not: @pnotifbot. Nobody ever looks at it.

I don't like the status page!: "Is this a thing I care about?"

Every question I have gotten about Nostr: Yes, I have seen it. No, I haven't played with it. No, it is not like Revolver. Yes, I plan to look at it later and see if I can integrate the protocol into Revolver (my gut feeling is that it can be done fairly easily). Yes, I think it would be cool to make Revolver speak Nostr. No, I don't think the feds created it. Yes, I do think that relaying full posts will cause problems that relaying just blocks does not. Yes, I think relaying posts moves liability to the person that is doing the relaying (that is, clients). Yes, this can be used to build a graph of your connections for any relay you connect to. Yes, that's probably fine for some people. No, I have not demonstrated it but their architectural documentation seems to indicate it. No, that is not what I am making because it does not solve my problems. No, I do not care what ZeroHedge says about Nostr.

Meta Facebook Instagram Threads Dot Net Dot Com: Nothing they are doing can possibly stop anything I am doing, and they are probably just taking a shot at Twitter instead of trying to kill or mine fedi. A shark could kill you and would be glad to kill you, but it's in the ocean and you are at a computer, so you shouldn't worry about the shark until you are in the ocean and it notices you. Facebook is doing whitelist-only federation and they only care about instances with high user counts and they think they're going to plaster ads on Masto instances, so they don't understand fedi. It has yet to be demonstrated that a corporation that size can understand fedi.


fedilist.com open-source: Need to gut some of the the fedilist.com code to open it up, and needs some cleanup. (Mostly the same bits that need gutted from CofeSpace.) Crawler needs a rewrite but I think I'm going to open-source it before then. The site is the occasional victim of the morning warmup hack.


FediUnblock: It has come to my attention that FediUnblock is still a known thing on Canceldon, so I will bring it back.

CofeSpace: It's goin' down shortly. Fixing CofeSpace soundtrack! A copy is starting shortly but will be slow as hell. I have enlisted friend help! I gotta bug him to get on LP.

FSE downtime: The server is distressed. Bumped the backup frequency, I am trying to get Revolver out the door so that I don't have to fix the hardware. Also: it has stopped crashing and I don't know why.

New CofeSpace instances: There's a backlog, but the shortage of server space has inhibited the rollout of additional machines. Cool guy graf has donated hardware, though, so once the broken pieces are fixed, the new pieces will be available.

CofeSpace front page: It's a mess; new CSS is done but I don't want the page to look too good until it runs well. I'd like people to know what they're getting into.

CofeSpace improvements: The bot is half-finished. Config generation needs to be reworked again.

CofeSpace open-source: I need to remove a bunch of code before I can release it, but I plan to make it open-source. Probably not as useful as fediverse.express or 10minutepleroma.

Being on IRC/XMPP: All this other stuff is higher on the list than adding a new thing to distract myself with.

Urbit: You can't install their shit without using binaries or an effin' curlbash.

CofeSpace honk: Maybe CofeSpace should run honk instead? Maybe Revolver will make it unnecessary.

Pinned posts on FSE: If I touch this, it will be to remove them. There's a migration that makes pinned posts federate that takes forever to run according to Alex, so I'm not running it. Please stop asking me about changing the configuration to allow more than one pinned post. Put it in your bio.

finiteCell: If I don't get some free time to do some more music soon, I think I'm going to lose it.

Expiry MRF: This will fix some of the CofeSpace problems by expiring non-local posts. This is half-done, I forgot where I put the MRF. Planning to put it on po-ast too.


are you even do?: sit down and SHOT , you need to eat a lit match too get SO BAD that everyone will be BURNED with NO ESCAPE

It's hard to take a shower: when you can't wake up.

I am done spending time trying to debug Pleroma: Something in 2.4.3 or 2.4.4 broke Pleroma, there are connection timeouts. I don't know what it is. (Update: APPARENTLY 2.5.0 FIXES WHATEVER IT WAS.) I am working on Revolver. Please go look at @pnotifbot before you ask me, use the numbers from the thing about being busy to decide if you should ask me, and if you are running Soapbox, don't ever ask me: it seems to break in new and exciting ways on a daily basis because Alex Gleason is a clown that drinks bat jizz.

poa.st: Notifications bug is fixed, probably.

RFC 822: Okay, fine. Done.

FSE scraper: Remains mysterious, but the mitigation is smarter now. Plus I guess they stopped?

IPFS stuff: Oh, that's right. I'm cooking up something. Wouldn't you like to know?


cs2: Moving to zeke, thanks to graf!

gw: Moving to zeke, thanks to graf!

Chambraigne: It's shampoo for your hair, and your brain. (That's right, Al.)

fedilist/cofespace: These machines are Slackware because every time I argue with systemd, systemd only grows stronger.

status page: I have made a status page, and fixed the links.

How it is going: This is how I am, Dennis. I'm destroying the planet. And I'm having a sale.

bae.st: Some people are stuck on "follow requested", but that seems to have been mostly resolved now. Try to cancel and resend if it's stuck.

fedilist.com: Crawler's back up! Moved to another machine.


A predatory flautist that murdered children in a cave: It has all that going for it.

Tea: I drink tea like a motherfucker.

They Live: We Sleep

Los Angeles, 2029: There's still time to make Terminator happen.

fucking read the fucking rfcs: I'm fucking serious: RFC 2616 is not hard to read. It's not hard to follow. Any time you're not sure what to do, look there: it says what to do. The web is total shit but writing broken software increases the total amount of shit by an order of magnitude.

Dwarf Fortress: You ever play it? It was kinda fun, I didn't play it much. But I did get to a point where occasionally a dwarf would lock himself in the workshop and refuse to come out until he'd finished making something. Clearly the dwarf knows something. The dwarf had it figured out. Anyway, these stupid small messages in the status file are a much more placid way to communicate project status. (And hey, if you use an RSS reader then you get edit history.)

Speaking of Placid: Since I started logging the dev stuff here instead of on FSE, it's a lot easier to talk about the project without second-guessing things I write. Trying to talk about anything technical seems to cause a serious S:N ratio problem around fedi. ("Oh, why did you do the mean admin thing two years ago?!" 'Didn't I answer that?' "Yes, but I'd like to repeat the entire two-day conversation from the beginning." 'No.' "Then here's a new list of complaints for something I hallucinated you having done this week." It is monumentally stupid to waste time listening to that kind of complaint if the goal is to make the mean admin thing irrelevant with a P2P system.)